“Social Network”…..4.0 stars [“A-“]
Who and how Facebook was founded in a Harvard dorm room in 2003.
6 years later, 500 million of us using Facebook….worth $25billion.
An inside look at the genius, greed, politics and legal battles to pull this off.
Sprinkled with lots of rowdy partying, drugs, drinking scenes….maybe true, maybe ?
Will be nominated for many Oscars….picture, directing, writing and 2 or 3 acting [Timberlake, Eisenberg, Saverin]. Trivia: the “twins” played by one actor.
One criticism: if you are “AARP eligible”, you too will wish the background/hard rock music was turned down.

RT rating: 97% [this is very very high!]

“Secretariat”………3.5 stars [“B+”]
aka “Big Red” is a fun true story of our last Triple Crown winner…1973.
[oops “spoiler alert” in case you don’t know the ending?]
If you love horses, you will LOVE this movie. If you just like horses, you will love this movie.
If you don’t like horses, but like Diane Lane….yup, go see it.
The racing scenes are well done and all come with ***spoiler alert*** goosebump finishes.
Casting and acting was just ok, but Diane Lane will be nominated for Best Actress !
Maybe cinematography….but a stretch for best picture or directing.
Worse casting and acting award goes to Kevin Connolly [“E”, so great in “Entourage”].

RT rating: 64%