Anybody looking for some candy… real cheap?

Just kidding; I would never sell my kids’ hard-earned Halloween loot! I would, however, be happy about a slow, mysterious disappearance of it. Maybe not the chocolate ones; those can stay.  There are two big pillow cases full of every kind of candy you could imagine sitting right here in front of me, and once again I’m faced with the annual dilemma of how to keep my children fairly healthy and focused while they live on Jr. Mints for the next three weeks.  Yes…the day after Halloween always gives me a slight nausea.

My job for the next few days, while the kids are at school, is to make sure that each piece is legit/tastes ok/hasn’t been ‘tampered with’ by any crazy psychopath living in the neighborhood.  You know, razor blade in the apple type stuff.  So, the best way to do this is to perform a big taste test sampling…. just one more of the many self-sacrificing things that we moms must do to ensure the safety of our children.  I suppose I will also have to go to the gym to work off the extra taste test carbs… it’s either that or eat a large bag of chips for the balance.  In addition to all of this, I have to think of creative ways to get handfuls of it in the garbage without them noticing.  I’m open to any suggestions.