Westcott Street… “It is where I used to live.”

Just when I thought my weekend couldn’t get any better, I ventured out on Sunday night to The Westcott Theater in Syracuse to see Steven Page belt out a few tunes.  I went with some friends, including my business partner, Lisa, who is a #1 fan of his (see Lisa’s photo op in Wegman’s produce aisle below…can you believe he brings his guitar to the grocery store?! hmmm) In any case… we like to keep HuePhoria in tune.

The former Bare Naked Lady is our new neighbor, and we like having him around…plus he promised he’d be doing more concerts for us.  Yesss. More Steven Page! I love how he interacts with the crowd, and humors the hecklers with an impromptu medley. He did BNL stuff and some new songs from Page One…all amazing.  Old Apartment =  my weekend was complete. He complements his vocals and his own wide array of guitars beautifully with a 5-piece orchestra from Toronto (his other home):  The 3 Baird Brothers (drums, base, keyboard and trumpet), Karen Graves (violin) and Finn Manniche (cello, guitar).  Nice touch.

A talented up and coming acoustic singer/song-writer named Ryan Coughlin from Auburn opened the night with his lively tunes, and I’m sure we’ll see more of him!  Then Kate Miller-Heidke, an accomplished artist from Australia, stepped onto the stage and wow-ed us with her range of voice, lyrics, and incredible musical talents.  I’m glad they serve beer out of plastic cups at The Westcott, because between Kate’s operatic sound and Page’s falsetto my glass would have surely shattered! You just have to stand there in absolute awe when they take their vocals to the levels they do for so long.

I wish Steven Page well on his tour…it’s sure to be One you don’t want to miss!

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