I haven’t had the opportunity to try a fried turkey yet, so I am sticking with what I know yet again this year.  The thought of dunking a fresh free range turkey into a cauldron of hot oil isn’t as comforting as painstakingly preparing a fresh free range turkey and gently sliding it into the oven for a few hours.  I like everything about roasting a turkey on Thanksgiving Day:  the cooking, the wine, the aromas,  the anticipation of the best meal of the year, the football games, more wine, being with family and friends, playing games, and those crazy kitchen conversations (that are usually a side effect of the wine!).  I’m not so sure that the frying of a turkey would bring the same atmosphere… I am worried that the quality time would get lost in this warp speed method.  However!  I am not opposed to trying it out one day.

Let’s talk turkey!  Tell me what you think I should know about frying one (for example:  where do I put all of that gross oil after I’m done frying?), and then please cast your vote on my turkey poll. Thank Hue!