My HuePhoria business partner, Kathy, went on a dating show last night!  I give her so much credit for doing that… especially since she is a happily married woman.  She appeared live from Boston, MA, on Studio Chat – Lynda Hill with the 411 on Dating.  It streams live on the web at on Thursday at 9. Kathy did GREAT!  In SNL style chat, Lynda and Kathy talked Balls for this episode, matching HuePhoria Ball patterns to the type of guy who would sip from these chosen glasses. Kathy arrived armed with input from partner Lisa, and just the “knowing,” based on real life experience. (!) For example:

LarryLarry = He makes Sunday night dinner in his homer Simpson pj bottoms. Most of his jokes are inappropriate. He spends his entire year dreaming about his summer vacation in Maine. He drives a ford escape and tends to lose stuff all the time.  (you’re a lucky lady, Lisa)

BoboBobo = he’s in touch with his feminine side. Throws a lot of parties, snappy dresser, and always a good time. Loves fine wine but only in fun huephoria glasses. Drives a white Mercedes.

EarthEarth = he is a worldly traveler. Always trying to make the environment better to live in. Thin, runner.  Drives a Subaru outback.

Which one would you choose?! It is all in good fun… and that’s the way it should be! Good job, KLB!  Personally, I know I will keep my eye on the HuePhoria ball to see who is drinking out of what during this Holiday Season.  Peace on Earth 🙂

Don’t forget to check out Kathy’s debut this coming Thursday night at 9, and again Saturday at 10am.

Thank Hue!