How many of you out there have fallen into an exercise rut? I have.  It’s not because I work from home, because I was doing fine a few years ago; it’s because I lost focus on that part of my life and re-focused it elsewhere… mostly work, and in many directions!  It all had to happen, though. I got so far from consistent exercise that my New Year’s Resolution was more of a Revelation: that I needed to create good form so I didn’t get hurt doing my favorite outdoor exercises that really keep me happy.

My dear friend and her husband have been working out using a home fitness program called P90X. Some of their friends had done the program and the results proved to be glute-firming and stomach-flattening (really!), so they ordered it a few months before they were going to be sporting thongs on the beaches of Mexico. I mean bathing suits. They could have though! They looked great.  My friend suggested I try it, mostly so I would stop complaining about my lack ‘o muscles.  So a few weeks ago she gave me one of the 7 workout dvd’s and told me she would swap it out when I was ready for the next.  She started me off with Plyometrics (jumping around).  After this, I decided that she was trying to kill me…. did I mention that she is also my business partner?! Hmmm.  I wanted to cry from pain the next day…and the day after…and the day after that. I hid from her when she would stop by to swap out dvds to get me going on the next.  Eventually I decided that I wouldn’t like it if it didn’t feel like it was working, so I plugged the next one in. Lunges and pull-ups… felt much better (maybe because the dvd froze and skipped over a nice chunk of pull-ups).  A word to the wise: if you have sensitive knees from a running past, do the modified lunges.  That’s what I like about this workout program; most of the time they will show you a modified move for similar results.  There is also a Yoga day, but I haven’t gotten that far yet.

Get some air

I’m not usually one for indoor workouts, but this is going to make my outdoor ones that much more enjoyable and injury-free; so happy!  Once you get through the initial shock to the body, you’re body starts to thank you back.  I don’t know about you, but I am much more focused at work when there is a nice balance in my life.  I’m going to get my own P90X; my kids are doing it at school, so maybe they’ll do it at home too.

Today is Chest & Back day… nobody wants “bra fat.”

Cheers to a Healthy, Happy New Year!