Local Manlius, NY Wine House hosted yet another sense-able wine tasting… on yet another snowy night. It was the perfect evening for “Comfort Foods Ohhh!!” Sommelier Matt Christen had our mouths watering with the thought of what we could be eating with the delicious wines he was sharing.

Here are a few excellent bottles for you to try, whether you are snowbound or not:

stick to the ribs risotto


1. Cantele Negroamaro Rosato 2009 (around $13 from Salento Italy) Deliciously crisp, not too sweet.  Great with fish, risotto, chowdah… anything spicy: chilly, CHICKEN WINGS!!!

2. Bodegas Atteca Garnacha de Fuego (around $10 from Espana) Oooh. Already one of my favorites.. don’t get me started on the Spanish Reds; I love them. The earthy flavors paired with a big bowl of chilly or a huge square of lasagna is HIJOLE! mama mia!

3. Chateau St. Jean Merlot 2008(around $13 from CA) This one was like a meal in itself, but if you want to complement it with a comfort food, have a big burger, shepard’s pie, pulled pork – preferably Dinosaur BBQ . This is so versatile and you can’t go wrong. Curry.

4. Sledgehammer Cabernet (around $14 from North Coast, CA) Juicy steak.

5. John Ramsay JR George’s Zinfandel (around $15 from Napa Valley, CA) Another super versatile wine.  If it’s the only bottle in your house , you can pretty much cook whatever your heart desires for dinner, pair it with this, and you’ll be happy.

Remember to match your wine and food intensities to fully appreciate all of the flavors.

Note: If you are here in the Northeast, and there is the slightest tinge of a storm warning, go directly to your local wine store and stock up on a couple of the wines above or similar.

Thank you Matt and The Wine House!