Here at HuePhoria we thoroughly enjoy receiving pictures of our products being put to good use by our customers… even “over-shares.”

Such is life that we are often presented with situations, or necessary evils, that don’t exactly have FUN written all over them. We all deal with these experiences the best way we know how, which doesn’t always involve smiling and yet it doesn’t always have to be that way! Take it from our customers and Ball Moms… what we have found to be the common denominator amongst them is their positive attitude. They seek to find ways to make them happy and share that outlook on life with their friends and families. They look to find humor and spirit-lifters in good times and in not-so-good times. We love that; it is a big part of our mission too.

This one really made us crack a smile:

Bottom's Up!

This is an understandably anonymous customer’s approach to her daunting colonoscopy procedure…she found a way to at least take some of the edge off of this experience by downing her ‘prep drink’ from her  “Birthday” wine glass, and from what she told us it was much more bearable.

We are so glad we could help!

“Smile and the World smiles with you… cry and you cry alone” – Stanley Gordon West.

Cheers to Good Health,