This January is about remedies and being productive.  It’s also Flu season, and you can’t be very productive with the Flu or nasty cold… so the first remedy I want to introduce you to is dear Auntie Flo’s recipe to combat the Flu or any general discomforts you may be experiencing for that matter. Anything that is keeping you from achieving your goals, big or small, needs to be “nipped” (pardon the pun).

This is Auntie Flo:


Beautiful Auntie Flo

… and this is Auntie Flo’s Recipe:

You may have tried this recipe in the past, but it is different when you call it Auntie Flo’s, as in “I need some Auntie Flo’s to get rid of this thing!”

1. Boil water and make a big cup of tea.

2. Stir in 2 tsp of honey (if you really want to get fancy, get the Manuka honey – it has antibacterial properties)

3. Squeeze in some lemon juice, about 1 TBS

4. Pour in a shot of Whiskey 

Go directly to the couch or to bed… do not attempt to drive anywhere or expect to be socially adept.  Just rest. Even if you just tried this recipe for the heck of it, and you’re not sick at all, stay put.

In the morning, your head and sinuses will feel cleared and you will be one step closer to checking things off of your 2012 list.

Here’s to enjoying a healthy, happy New Year!