I love it when Hue partner, Kathy, has a new drink for us to try at her place in Maine.  This year, I barely put my suitcase down and she was handing me the most delicious-looking cocktail ever, with a huge welcoming smile on her face.  Pretty much anything would have tasted great at that moment, with the sun shining off the ocean and the HuePhoria Summit about to commence, but this was even better than it looked… it was “Smashtastic.” When I asked what was in it, Kathy pointed to a white crate on the counter filled with a bunch of different ingredients that were obviously coming along with us to a lobster bake that night. “Have crate will travel!” Here are the ingredients in case you are looking for a great summertime concoction to serve up at your next gathering:

“The Smashtastic”

Shot Malibu coconut Rum
Shot Finlandia Grapefruit Vodka
Cranberry juice (I use diet)
Splash of pineapple juice
Shake with lots of ice, top with diet sparkling cranberry
Slice of Lime
“YUM!  Don’t screw around with brands, this is tried and true:)
Better make a pitcher.” – KLB

The Smashtastic

KLB’s Crate

Cheers! and enjoy the rest of your summer…..