Color is certainly very valuable in our daily lives; it creates a mood and evokes so many feelings and emotions. I always enjoy reading Janice Carlson’s Color Trend Blog; it is a great resource when I’m thinking of new designs and color schemes for HuePhoria… so I thought I’d pass it on to you!  If you’re thinking of freshening up your home environment…pick one of these color schemes hue like and slap a coat of paint on your walls! That’s what I’m going to do this weekend – probably something in the Keep Calm & Carry On trend. You will be cutting edge when you are ‘cutting in’ with Janice’s 2013 picks!  Thanks Janice!

2013 Colors

NOVEMBER 2, 2011 BY 

Could it be that the economy really has turned the corner to recovery? We’ve sold so many of our just-released color forecast (The Trend Curve ™ Colors 2013) so quickly that we would have to say yes.

But, along with economic recovery has come a long-awaited optimism at the international trade shows we attend. It’s a renaissance of creativity and ingenuity that has brought a much wider range of trend and color to the fore. And it’s just that kind of renewed energy that is reflected in the 10 unique trends and 38 new colors of The Trend Curve Colors 2013.

Our Brazilian Brights palette shows renewed bouyancy with such cheery hues as limey Guava Green and vibrant Espirito Orange; while our Rio Rhythm trend surges with optimism and innovation, as Brazil’s dynamic economy captures the world’s attention through the World Cup and the 2016 Olympics. Our 1920′s-30′s Cityscapes trend offers a solid sense of foundation, highlighting everything from Deco-style buildings to manhole covers, as our more-somber mid-value palette captures reliable urban colors, ranging from Armory (gray) to Red Brick.

Meanwhile, Glamour is back — always a sign of recovery — with a lot more personality in our Cheeky Chic trend with its 50s and 60s movie stars and overt use of jewels and luxury fabrics.

Although there is still an emphasis on refurbishing and making do, a sentiment captured in our Keep Calm And Carry On trend, the overall theme of 2013 will be a great push forward with invincible energy. And, even though consumers may feel as if they’re moving into uncharted territory, rooted trends like our Folklore and Trophy Room will remind them that they’ve done so before and that optimistic, reliable trends and colors are sure to attract corresponding outcomes.

Get more details about this diverse color and forecast here.