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Color is certainly very valuable in our daily lives; it creates a mood and evokes so many feelings and emotions. I always enjoy reading Janice Carlson’s Color Trend Blog; it is a great resource when I’m thinking of new designs and color schemes for HuePhoria… so I thought I’d pass it on to you!  If you’re thinking of freshening up your home environment…pick one of these color schemes hue like and slap a coat of paint on your walls! That’s what I’m going to do this weekend – probably something in the Keep Calm & Carry On trend. You will be cutting edge when you are ‘cutting in’ with Janice’s 2013 picks!  Thanks Janice!

2013 Colors

NOVEMBER 2, 2011 BY 

Could it be that the economy really has turned the corner to recovery? We’ve sold so many of our just-released color forecast (The Trend Curve ™ Colors 2013) so quickly that we would have to say yes.

But, along with economic recovery has come a long-awaited optimism at the international trade shows we attend. It’s a renaissance of creativity and ingenuity that has brought a much wider range of trend and color to the fore. And it’s just that kind of renewed energy that is reflected in the 10 unique trends and 38 new colors of The Trend Curve Colors 2013.

Our Brazilian Brights palette shows renewed bouyancy with such cheery hues as limey Guava Green and vibrant Espirito Orange; while our Rio Rhythm trend surges with optimism and innovation, as Brazil’s dynamic economy captures the world’s attention through the World Cup and the 2016 Olympics. Our 1920′s-30′s Cityscapes trend offers a solid sense of foundation, highlighting everything from Deco-style buildings to manhole covers, as our more-somber mid-value palette captures reliable urban colors, ranging from Armory (gray) to Red Brick.

Meanwhile, Glamour is back — always a sign of recovery — with a lot more personality in our Cheeky Chic trend with its 50s and 60s movie stars and overt use of jewels and luxury fabrics.

Although there is still an emphasis on refurbishing and making do, a sentiment captured in our Keep Calm And Carry On trend, the overall theme of 2013 will be a great push forward with invincible energy. And, even though consumers may feel as if they’re moving into uncharted territory, rooted trends like our Folklore and Trophy Room will remind them that they’ve done so before and that optimistic, reliable trends and colors are sure to attract corresponding outcomes.

Get more details about this diverse color and forecast here.



Gimme an M! …M!  What does it spell?  “Less Stress!”

Adding mindfulness meditation to your day will make you feel more relaxed and exhilarated.  It can help you be in the present and not thinking about the past or worrying about the future.

We all have a super abundance of thoughts running through our minds (all the time): jobs, finances, college search, teenagers, toddlers, saving the planet.  You know… the usual.  All it takes is about 20  minutes of meditation practice to get a good dose of the here and now, clear your mind and take time to get to know your self.  “OM”

Even our pets are feeling the stress in our households and seeking solace.  “AARF”

Mindful meditation will help promote happiness at home and at work.  You need to find a place of solitude that works for you, and it doesn’t matter where you are; you can go anywhere in your mind.

Here’s a link to get you started meditating, if you haven’t already:

What the?

Don’t feel bad if you can’t get into this pose… but if you can do it in the next two days I will personally send you a free HuePhoria wine glass!



Inspiring Women Series Part 2

If you haven’t yet heard JK Rowling‘s address to Harvard’s Graduating Class of ’08 now is a good time to do so.  With her final Harry Potter coming out tomorrow, on a full moon no less, it is truly inspiring to listen to her story of how she uncovered her greatness. To do so, she endured some serious darkness but continued to trust her instincts.

After you watch JK Rowling’s speech, don’t just go out and fail for the heck of it so that you can hop on that path to your destined success! Just know that it’s okay to fail when you believe you are doing the right thing.  You will eventually be lead by your gut  to what you inherently know is your calling… if you listen.

So grab your favorite HuePhoria glass, fill it up to the top so there are no unnecessary interruptions for refilling during the video, and click here to watch: 

Once again, a woman blasts through more than her share of adversity and comes out on top.  I wonder who the next inspiring woman will be… I’m always open to suggestions!

Thanks for reading and watching,


Women Inspiring Women Series (maiden voyage)  

I recently had the pleasure of listening to the talented and courageous Jennifer S. Wilkov speak at a local WISE Conference (Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship) here in Syracuse, NY.  Jennifer is an award winning best selling author, film writer and producer and creative consultant.  She battled with Krohn’s Disease for 25 years and won, and she has done time in Rikers Island prison as a result of  a mishandled legal case.  As I sat there listening to her story, it became very apparent that she has been fueled by adversity when others might have caved into defeat.  Now I would never wish tragedy or even a minor setback for any of you, but if faced with a seemingly unfortunate situation of any magnitude I would like to believe that you too can face it and conquer fears by following her advice.  Here’s what she urged us to write down and remember, and I’m happy that I can pass it on to you.  Some of it sounds so simple and obvious, but when you are really in a bad spot, whether business or personal life challenges arise, these steps are here to help you remain passionate and positive about your life.

Here are Jennifer Wilkov’s 7 Steps to You Can Do It:

#1  Stay Calm. keep your emotions in check while your adrenaline is kicking in. pay attention!  #2  Listen. get information BEFORE you speak! quiet the chatter in your mind.  #3  Assess what is going on. what do you know? what don’t know? what is real? Ask yourself, and only act on what you know and what is real… let go of the rest.  #4  Avoid FOBFO (don’t Freak Out Before Finding Out). stay in the game.  #5  Ask for Help. Ask the right people. Brainstorm with trusted people. Be specific about support.  #6  Positive, Positive, Positive…on perspective, on outlook, on outcome.  #7  Move & Take Action! Take the best action everyday based on what you DO know.

Who knows when or how lessons in life will surface… but I have to believe that they occur at exactly the right time for us (hindsight is 20/20!).  There’s no preparing for the unexpected, but at least you can rest assured in knowing that you have every intention of handling yourself the best you know how for a positive outcome.  As Jennifer Wilkov says “You have the right to remain fabulous.” That’s what she did with her Miranda warning.  Read her inspiring story by going to Jennifer’s website.  I have a few of her books, which I’m finding indispensable.

Thank you for reading!