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This January is about remedies and being productive.  It’s also Flu season, and you can’t be very productive with the Flu or nasty cold… so the first remedy I want to introduce you to is dear Auntie Flo’s recipe to combat the Flu or any general discomforts you may be experiencing for that matter. Anything that is keeping you from achieving your goals, big or small, needs to be “nipped” (pardon the pun).

This is Auntie Flo:


Beautiful Auntie Flo

… and this is Auntie Flo’s Recipe:

You may have tried this recipe in the past, but it is different when you call it Auntie Flo’s, as in “I need some Auntie Flo’s to get rid of this thing!”

1. Boil water and make a big cup of tea.

2. Stir in 2 tsp of honey (if you really want to get fancy, get the Manuka honey – it has antibacterial properties)

3. Squeeze in some lemon juice, about 1 TBS

4. Pour in a shot of Whiskey 

Go directly to the couch or to bed… do not attempt to drive anywhere or expect to be socially adept.  Just rest. Even if you just tried this recipe for the heck of it, and you’re not sick at all, stay put.

In the morning, your head and sinuses will feel cleared and you will be one step closer to checking things off of your 2012 list.

Here’s to enjoying a healthy, happy New Year!


My HuePhoria business partner, Kathy, went on a dating show last night!  I give her so much credit for doing that… especially since she is a happily married woman.  She appeared live from Boston, MA, on Studio Chat – Lynda Hill with the 411 on Dating.  It streams live on the web at on Thursday at 9. Kathy did GREAT!  In SNL style chat, Lynda and Kathy talked Balls for this episode, matching HuePhoria Ball patterns to the type of guy who would sip from these chosen glasses. Kathy arrived armed with input from partner Lisa, and just the “knowing,” based on real life experience. (!) For example:

LarryLarry = He makes Sunday night dinner in his homer Simpson pj bottoms. Most of his jokes are inappropriate. He spends his entire year dreaming about his summer vacation in Maine. He drives a ford escape and tends to lose stuff all the time.  (you’re a lucky lady, Lisa)

BoboBobo = he’s in touch with his feminine side. Throws a lot of parties, snappy dresser, and always a good time. Loves fine wine but only in fun huephoria glasses. Drives a white Mercedes.

EarthEarth = he is a worldly traveler. Always trying to make the environment better to live in. Thin, runner.  Drives a Subaru outback.

Which one would you choose?! It is all in good fun… and that’s the way it should be! Good job, KLB!  Personally, I know I will keep my eye on the HuePhoria ball to see who is drinking out of what during this Holiday Season.  Peace on Earth 🙂

Don’t forget to check out Kathy’s debut this coming Thursday night at 9, and again Saturday at 10am.

Thank Hue!

I met my (awesome!) SU student intern, Tricia, at this great cafe close to downtown Syracuse yesterday.  It’s very refreshing to get out of my ‘kitchen office’ for our weekly meetings and go to a place where there’s more action (with free WIFI).  Many people already know what a treat this place is, it’s the StrongHearts Cafe on E Genesee Street.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to experience it yet, what are you waiting for?! They make THE best chocolate milkshake in the World.  I would give it a big “Holy Cow! you’ve got to try this” but that wouldn’t be appropriate here since StrongHearts is vegan.  It’s also organic 🙂  It feels really good to support such a completely environmentally and community friendly establishment, and I highly recommend taking a trip over there for a bowl of their warm, nourishing soup de jour…and a shake.


This is my first blog ever, and I’m really excited.

I started a business from a hobby with two other Moms about five years ago, and our kitchens serve as our boardrooms when they are not not being used as high speed chase zones or toga party venues.  I’m sure there are many of you out there doing what we are… same situation, different product.  We’re all trying to roll with the changes and challenges: Economic fears, technological advancements, growth, juggling family, friends and business… Calgon! take me away. (But not too far, because there is work to be done and fun to be had!)

When any of the above changes occur, and our business needs some major attention in an area that we either A) need a lesson in, or worse, might need to go back to school for (yikes!), or  B) haven’t budgeted for, we look for resources right in our backyards.  I am always refreshed and very inspired by what we find.  Seek out and take advantage of what your community has to offer. It works best when it is a two-way street and both of you gain something of value from the experience.

One of the Top 5 things I did in the past few weeks is participate in our local Syracuse University’s Intern Fair.

I set up my company info on a nicely skirted table (thank you, SU),  I grabbed a coffee (thanks again!) and attended the pre-fair Internship seminar to learn about first-hand intern experiences.  A panel of other business owners, as well as a University rep, gave us guidelines for building successful relationships between student interns and business owners.  Communication is key; set reasonable expectations.

Once I had my expectations in check, I was confident that I was going to find a student who could help my partners and me take our business into a new, most important realm:  The Blogosphere.  I met 30-40 interested (interesting) students and gathered over 20 resumes from these extremely capable and talented students. Although they were all amazing, Tricia Ling stood out as a perfect match for HuePhoria as our Social Media Intern.  Did you know that Social Media is soon going to be a Major at many universities and colleges?

I will keep you posted on how it goes as Tricia teaches the Twitter-challenged…a lesson in Social Media.



“Social Network”…..4.0 stars [“A-“]
Who and how Facebook was founded in a Harvard dorm room in 2003.
6 years later, 500 million of us using Facebook….worth $25billion.
An inside look at the genius, greed, politics and legal battles to pull this off.
Sprinkled with lots of rowdy partying, drugs, drinking scenes….maybe true, maybe ?
Will be nominated for many Oscars….picture, directing, writing and 2 or 3 acting [Timberlake, Eisenberg, Saverin]. Trivia: the “twins” played by one actor.
One criticism: if you are “AARP eligible”, you too will wish the background/hard rock music was turned down.

RT rating: 97% [this is very very high!]

“Secretariat”………3.5 stars [“B+”]
aka “Big Red” is a fun true story of our last Triple Crown winner…1973.
[oops “spoiler alert” in case you don’t know the ending?]
If you love horses, you will LOVE this movie. If you just like horses, you will love this movie.
If you don’t like horses, but like Diane Lane….yup, go see it.
The racing scenes are well done and all come with ***spoiler alert*** goosebump finishes.
Casting and acting was just ok, but Diane Lane will be nominated for Best Actress !
Maybe cinematography….but a stretch for best picture or directing.
Worse casting and acting award goes to Kevin Connolly [“E”, so great in “Entourage”].

RT rating: 64%