Here at HuePhoria we thoroughly enjoy receiving pictures of our products being put to good use by our customers… even “over-shares.”

Such is life that we are often presented with situations, or necessary evils, that don’t exactly have FUN written all over them. We all deal with these experiences the best way we know how, which doesn’t always involve smiling and yet it doesn’t always have to be that way! Take it from our customers and Ball Moms… what we have found to be the common denominator amongst them is their positive attitude. They seek to find ways to make them happy and share that outlook on life with their friends and families. They look to find humor and spirit-lifters in good times and in not-so-good times. We love that; it is a big part of our mission too.

This one really made us crack a smile:

Bottom's Up!

This is an understandably anonymous customer’s approach to her daunting colonoscopy procedure…she found a way to at least take some of the edge off of this experience by downing her ‘prep drink’ from her  “Birthday” wine glass, and from what she told us it was much more bearable.

We are so glad we could help!

“Smile and the World smiles with you… cry and you cry alone” – Stanley Gordon West.

Cheers to Good Health,

Women Inspiring Women Series (maiden voyage)  

I recently had the pleasure of listening to the talented and courageous Jennifer S. Wilkov speak at a local WISE Conference (Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship) here in Syracuse, NY.  Jennifer is an award winning best selling author, film writer and producer and creative consultant.  She battled with Krohn’s Disease for 25 years and won, and she has done time in Rikers Island prison as a result of  a mishandled legal case.  As I sat there listening to her story, it became very apparent that she has been fueled by adversity when others might have caved into defeat.  Now I would never wish tragedy or even a minor setback for any of you, but if faced with a seemingly unfortunate situation of any magnitude I would like to believe that you too can face it and conquer fears by following her advice.  Here’s what she urged us to write down and remember, and I’m happy that I can pass it on to you.  Some of it sounds so simple and obvious, but when you are really in a bad spot, whether business or personal life challenges arise, these steps are here to help you remain passionate and positive about your life.

Here are Jennifer Wilkov’s 7 Steps to You Can Do It:

#1  Stay Calm. keep your emotions in check while your adrenaline is kicking in. pay attention!  #2  Listen. get information BEFORE you speak! quiet the chatter in your mind.  #3  Assess what is going on. what do you know? what don’t know? what is real? Ask yourself, and only act on what you know and what is real… let go of the rest.  #4  Avoid FOBFO (don’t Freak Out Before Finding Out). stay in the game.  #5  Ask for Help. Ask the right people. Brainstorm with trusted people. Be specific about support.  #6  Positive, Positive, Positive…on perspective, on outlook, on outcome.  #7  Move & Take Action! Take the best action everyday based on what you DO know.

Who knows when or how lessons in life will surface… but I have to believe that they occur at exactly the right time for us (hindsight is 20/20!).  There’s no preparing for the unexpected, but at least you can rest assured in knowing that you have every intention of handling yourself the best you know how for a positive outcome.  As Jennifer Wilkov says “You have the right to remain fabulous.” That’s what she did with her Miranda warning.  Read her inspiring story by going to Jennifer’s website.  I have a few of her books, which I’m finding indispensable.

Thank you for reading!


Local Manlius, NY Wine House hosted yet another sense-able wine tasting… on yet another snowy night. It was the perfect evening for “Comfort Foods Ohhh!!” Sommelier Matt Christen had our mouths watering with the thought of what we could be eating with the delicious wines he was sharing.

Here are a few excellent bottles for you to try, whether you are snowbound or not:

stick to the ribs risotto


1. Cantele Negroamaro Rosato 2009 (around $13 from Salento Italy) Deliciously crisp, not too sweet.  Great with fish, risotto, chowdah… anything spicy: chilly, CHICKEN WINGS!!!

2. Bodegas Atteca Garnacha de Fuego (around $10 from Espana) Oooh. Already one of my favorites.. don’t get me started on the Spanish Reds; I love them. The earthy flavors paired with a big bowl of chilly or a huge square of lasagna is HIJOLE! mama mia!

3. Chateau St. Jean Merlot 2008(around $13 from CA) This one was like a meal in itself, but if you want to complement it with a comfort food, have a big burger, shepard’s pie, pulled pork – preferably Dinosaur BBQ . This is so versatile and you can’t go wrong. Curry.

4. Sledgehammer Cabernet (around $14 from North Coast, CA) Juicy steak.

5. John Ramsay JR George’s Zinfandel (around $15 from Napa Valley, CA) Another super versatile wine.  If it’s the only bottle in your house , you can pretty much cook whatever your heart desires for dinner, pair it with this, and you’ll be happy.

Remember to match your wine and food intensities to fully appreciate all of the flavors.

Note: If you are here in the Northeast, and there is the slightest tinge of a storm warning, go directly to your local wine store and stock up on a couple of the wines above or similar.

Thank you Matt and The Wine House!

How many of you out there have fallen into an exercise rut? I have.  It’s not because I work from home, because I was doing fine a few years ago; it’s because I lost focus on that part of my life and re-focused it elsewhere… mostly work, and in many directions!  It all had to happen, though. I got so far from consistent exercise that my New Year’s Resolution was more of a Revelation: that I needed to create good form so I didn’t get hurt doing my favorite outdoor exercises that really keep me happy.

My dear friend and her husband have been working out using a home fitness program called P90X. Some of their friends had done the program and the results proved to be glute-firming and stomach-flattening (really!), so they ordered it a few months before they were going to be sporting thongs on the beaches of Mexico. I mean bathing suits. They could have though! They looked great.  My friend suggested I try it, mostly so I would stop complaining about my lack ‘o muscles.  So a few weeks ago she gave me one of the 7 workout dvd’s and told me she would swap it out when I was ready for the next.  She started me off with Plyometrics (jumping around).  After this, I decided that she was trying to kill me…. did I mention that she is also my business partner?! Hmmm.  I wanted to cry from pain the next day…and the day after…and the day after that. I hid from her when she would stop by to swap out dvds to get me going on the next.  Eventually I decided that I wouldn’t like it if it didn’t feel like it was working, so I plugged the next one in. Lunges and pull-ups… felt much better (maybe because the dvd froze and skipped over a nice chunk of pull-ups).  A word to the wise: if you have sensitive knees from a running past, do the modified lunges.  That’s what I like about this workout program; most of the time they will show you a modified move for similar results.  There is also a Yoga day, but I haven’t gotten that far yet.

Get some air

I’m not usually one for indoor workouts, but this is going to make my outdoor ones that much more enjoyable and injury-free; so happy!  Once you get through the initial shock to the body, you’re body starts to thank you back.  I don’t know about you, but I am much more focused at work when there is a nice balance in my life.  I’m going to get my own P90X; my kids are doing it at school, so maybe they’ll do it at home too.

Today is Chest & Back day… nobody wants “bra fat.”

Cheers to a Healthy, Happy New Year!

My HuePhoria business partner, Kathy, went on a dating show last night!  I give her so much credit for doing that… especially since she is a happily married woman.  She appeared live from Boston, MA, on Studio Chat – Lynda Hill with the 411 on Dating.  It streams live on the web at on Thursday at 9. Kathy did GREAT!  In SNL style chat, Lynda and Kathy talked Balls for this episode, matching HuePhoria Ball patterns to the type of guy who would sip from these chosen glasses. Kathy arrived armed with input from partner Lisa, and just the “knowing,” based on real life experience. (!) For example:

LarryLarry = He makes Sunday night dinner in his homer Simpson pj bottoms. Most of his jokes are inappropriate. He spends his entire year dreaming about his summer vacation in Maine. He drives a ford escape and tends to lose stuff all the time.  (you’re a lucky lady, Lisa)

BoboBobo = he’s in touch with his feminine side. Throws a lot of parties, snappy dresser, and always a good time. Loves fine wine but only in fun huephoria glasses. Drives a white Mercedes.

EarthEarth = he is a worldly traveler. Always trying to make the environment better to live in. Thin, runner.  Drives a Subaru outback.

Which one would you choose?! It is all in good fun… and that’s the way it should be! Good job, KLB!  Personally, I know I will keep my eye on the HuePhoria ball to see who is drinking out of what during this Holiday Season.  Peace on Earth 🙂

Don’t forget to check out Kathy’s debut this coming Thursday night at 9, and again Saturday at 10am.

Thank Hue!

A video that our intern, Tricia, made for our Thanksgiving dinner yesterday.

Please, let us know what you think about the video in the comment session below. We will love to hear from you. 🙂 It is a heart warming video. Isn’t it?

PS Also join us on our turkey poll?

I haven’t had the opportunity to try a fried turkey yet, so I am sticking with what I know yet again this year.  The thought of dunking a fresh free range turkey into a cauldron of hot oil isn’t as comforting as painstakingly preparing a fresh free range turkey and gently sliding it into the oven for a few hours.  I like everything about roasting a turkey on Thanksgiving Day:  the cooking, the wine, the aromas,  the anticipation of the best meal of the year, the football games, more wine, being with family and friends, playing games, and those crazy kitchen conversations (that are usually a side effect of the wine!).  I’m not so sure that the frying of a turkey would bring the same atmosphere… I am worried that the quality time would get lost in this warp speed method.  However!  I am not opposed to trying it out one day.

Let’s talk turkey!  Tell me what you think I should know about frying one (for example:  where do I put all of that gross oil after I’m done frying?), and then please cast your vote on my turkey poll. Thank Hue!

Westcott Street… “It is where I used to live.”

Just when I thought my weekend couldn’t get any better, I ventured out on Sunday night to The Westcott Theater in Syracuse to see Steven Page belt out a few tunes.  I went with some friends, including my business partner, Lisa, who is a #1 fan of his (see Lisa’s photo op in Wegman’s produce aisle below…can you believe he brings his guitar to the grocery store?! hmmm) In any case… we like to keep HuePhoria in tune.

The former Bare Naked Lady is our new neighbor, and we like having him around…plus he promised he’d be doing more concerts for us.  Yesss. More Steven Page! I love how he interacts with the crowd, and humors the hecklers with an impromptu medley. He did BNL stuff and some new songs from Page One…all amazing.  Old Apartment =  my weekend was complete. He complements his vocals and his own wide array of guitars beautifully with a 5-piece orchestra from Toronto (his other home):  The 3 Baird Brothers (drums, base, keyboard and trumpet), Karen Graves (violin) and Finn Manniche (cello, guitar).  Nice touch.

A talented up and coming acoustic singer/song-writer named Ryan Coughlin from Auburn opened the night with his lively tunes, and I’m sure we’ll see more of him!  Then Kate Miller-Heidke, an accomplished artist from Australia, stepped onto the stage and wow-ed us with her range of voice, lyrics, and incredible musical talents.  I’m glad they serve beer out of plastic cups at The Westcott, because between Kate’s operatic sound and Page’s falsetto my glass would have surely shattered! You just have to stand there in absolute awe when they take their vocals to the levels they do for so long.

I wish Steven Page well on his tour…it’s sure to be One you don’t want to miss!

Thanks for reading my blog!

I met my (awesome!) SU student intern, Tricia, at this great cafe close to downtown Syracuse yesterday.  It’s very refreshing to get out of my ‘kitchen office’ for our weekly meetings and go to a place where there’s more action (with free WIFI).  Many people already know what a treat this place is, it’s the StrongHearts Cafe on E Genesee Street.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to experience it yet, what are you waiting for?! They make THE best chocolate milkshake in the World.  I would give it a big “Holy Cow! you’ve got to try this” but that wouldn’t be appropriate here since StrongHearts is vegan.  It’s also organic 🙂  It feels really good to support such a completely environmentally and community friendly establishment, and I highly recommend taking a trip over there for a bowl of their warm, nourishing soup de jour…and a shake.

Anybody looking for some candy… real cheap?

Just kidding; I would never sell my kids’ hard-earned Halloween loot! I would, however, be happy about a slow, mysterious disappearance of it. Maybe not the chocolate ones; those can stay.  There are two big pillow cases full of every kind of candy you could imagine sitting right here in front of me, and once again I’m faced with the annual dilemma of how to keep my children fairly healthy and focused while they live on Jr. Mints for the next three weeks.  Yes…the day after Halloween always gives me a slight nausea.

My job for the next few days, while the kids are at school, is to make sure that each piece is legit/tastes ok/hasn’t been ‘tampered with’ by any crazy psychopath living in the neighborhood.  You know, razor blade in the apple type stuff.  So, the best way to do this is to perform a big taste test sampling…. just one more of the many self-sacrificing things that we moms must do to ensure the safety of our children.  I suppose I will also have to go to the gym to work off the extra taste test carbs… it’s either that or eat a large bag of chips for the balance.  In addition to all of this, I have to think of creative ways to get handfuls of it in the garbage without them noticing.  I’m open to any suggestions.