Watching Wimbledon always makes me thirsty for PIMM’s.  Actually, Summer doesn’t officially begin for me until I have had my first PIMM’s of the season.  It brings back many happy memories of visiting my family in England and traveling in our rented bus together to see the tennis matches.  We would pull into Wimbledon after a few hours’ drive, find a primo parking spot and break out the Champagne! (Our family was big into celebrating with the Bubbly, and the fact that we were all together was the favorite reason to pop the cork). My Grandfather, G.R.B. (Bobby) Meredith, played tennis at Wimbledon for 15 years for England before and after WWII, so the whole experience for us was very special and very celebrated.  G.R.B. (Bobby) Meredith We would watch the morning matches and reconvene at the mini bus for lunch. My Granny, my mom and aunts would create a tailgate party fit for the Queen herself, while my Grandfather proceeded to serve up the traditional PIMM’s No.1 Cup (official drink of Wimbledon spectators).  It’s such a refreshing Summertime drink:

MIX 1 part PIMM’s No.1 Cup  with 3 parts chilled British Lemonade (closer to diet 7 up here in the US) ADD sliced cucumber, strawberries, peaches, oranges, (whatever you like) and toss in a mint leaf.  Jolly Good! 

It has been 75 years since a Brit (Fred Perry) has won Wimbledon, which was during the time my Gramps played, so I would love to see Andy Murray win this tournament.  If I can’t have that,  I’ll be happy with some really good games and …  PIMM’s Anyone?