Inspiring Women Series Part 2

If you haven’t yet heard JK Rowling‘s address to Harvard’s Graduating Class of ’08 now is a good time to do so.  With her final Harry Potter coming out tomorrow, on a full moon no less, it is truly inspiring to listen to her story of how she uncovered her greatness. To do so, she endured some serious darkness but continued to trust her instincts.

After you watch JK Rowling’s speech, don’t just go out and fail for the heck of it so that you can hop on that path to your destined success! Just know that it’s okay to fail when you believe you are doing the right thing.  You will eventually be lead by your gut  to what you inherently know is your calling… if you listen.

So grab your favorite HuePhoria glass, fill it up to the top so there are no unnecessary interruptions for refilling during the video, and click here to watch: 

Once again, a woman blasts through more than her share of adversity and comes out on top.  I wonder who the next inspiring woman will be… I’m always open to suggestions!

Thanks for reading and watching,